3 Ways to Fire Up Your Writing: Even When You Don’t Want To or Think You Can’t

Being a teacher, writer, and creator, I’ve come across students and adults who immediately say they can’t write whenever I bring up writing. My immediate response and our motto is “The Fire to Write is Within You; Ignite it!” Let me share with you three ways that will set your pen on fire, even when you don’t want to or think you can’t write.

Accept: You’re a Writer
Grab your journal, grab your pen, and say, “I’m a writer!” According to Natalie Golding, who is the writer of Writing Down the Bones, accept yourself as a writer. I agree. Embracing yourself as a writer not only confirms the creative nature you have, and it ignites your writing. By doing this, you place yourself in a position to spark your mental fire and let your creative juices flow. The sentences, poems, stories, and novels you write are indelible creations with lasting impressions—what a significant effect is in accepting yourself as a writer.

Time Yourself Writing
Give yourself stints of 5 or 10 minutes (set a timer) to write without stopping—a total brain dump. You’re not editing. You are writing whatever comes to mine. Lose control. Eventually, you will end up wanting to write more and writing longer than 30 minutes. The purpose is to have something to work on later, and this helps eliminate writer’s block.

Share Your Fire
Have you ever seen fire afraid? No! It confidently spreads, and that is what you want to do. Share your writing. It may mean as much as to someone else as it does to you. In addition, you can never be the best judge on your own writing–in most cases; you are emotionally attached to it. Sharing increases your confidence, and you would want to write more. Last, writing has a job, and that is sharing. Your audience is waiting.

Even though there are many more ways to fire up your writing, these three ways will get your pen moving consistently. Please leave a comment sharing which of the three ways ignites you or share a way you fire up. Like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter or Instagram.

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