Seek the Fire

In any process, there is an outcome. Once you have reached the stage in your writing process that you have become content with your work and knowing that, the fire will reveal itself, and that is the fiery transformation needed to connect with improving your craft.

And so to seek the fire as a writer, three ways will keep you burning.

  1. Discover your blind spots: You may have a mirror, but hearing the horn blaring at you while trying to move in the left lane reminds you of your blind spot. You may have Grammarly, but having someone else look at your writing can increase your self-awareness and eliminate your blind spots differently than Grammarly can. When Ignited Pens meet, we experience the Refining Process. The Refining Process comprises five steps: Fire Up, Ignite, Fire Storm, Stoke the Fire, and Pass the Torch. The Stoke the Fire step is when we share our writing and critique. The critique is verbal or written feedback or snaps. Although this requires courage, we are a safe and constructive community. If you want to seek the fire as a writer, you have to make an effort to mature as a writer, and discovering your blind spot with others’ help is growth.
  2. Get used to Criticism: According to Jeff Goins, good writers take criticism on the chin and say “thank you” to helpful feedback; they listen to both the external and internal voices that drive them. And they use it all to make their work better. To sum up this quote, you can accept, use, or ignore the criticism. The choice is yours. Creativity elicits criticism, and if you want to survive as a writer, get used to it.
  3. Grow as an artist: Artists understand that life is a monumental work they are creating. They embrace the challenges like flint and find ways to become themselves better. As artists, we start a student and become a pro. We seek fire. Last, artists are always willing to practice in public. They embrace criticism, and that’s how they have an audience.

If you want to seek the fire, share your writing, get used to criticism, and grow as an artist. Consider being part of Ignited Pens. Leave a comment, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter.

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