Is Your Pen Ignited?

For as long as I could remember, pens and fire have always sparked my heart with creativity. A pen is my tool of choice when I write my heart. Fire brings warmth and comfort to me, like being around a bonfire. When life happens, my fire goes dim, and my pen goes on hiatus. This situation should never happen to a writer, but it happens to me.

Many times I find myself at war with art. During my creative battles or writer’s block, I’m waiting for the perfect time to write. Oh, no! Did I say perfect? Perfection is one of my battles. I know better, but it happens. Then I’m encouraged by a friend who had been struggling for years about fasting, in which she shared on her very first Facebook Live that in her mind, she was waiting for it to be perfect and that she didn’t want to disappoint God. Then, she stated God doesn’t traffic perfection, but he traffic in failures.

What a revelation! I wrote my last blog eight months ago at the beginning of the pandemic. Yes, eight months ago. My pen has been dim, but now it is ignited. Paul said in 2 Corinthians when he was weak, Jesus made him strong. Therefore, I don’t have to battle with my art. I am made strong by God’s power to ignite my pen, and I declare with a clarion call the Ignited Pens’ motto: The fire to write is within you; You just have to ignite it!

Here are three ways to keep your pen ignited!

  1. Write– You are a writer, and writers must write. If you don’t know what to write about, start with your childhood. In Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird, she shares that Flannery O’Connor said that anyone who survived childhood has enough material to write for the rest of his or her life. And I consider that a fact! Choosing to write must be a priority. I know our lives are busy, and we’re deciding more now in a pandemic than we did before. Still, with the wise words of Jeff Goin, author of You Are a Writer, it seems like our lives have become busier, and now that we’re in a pandemic According to Jeff Goins, the author of You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One), choose your priorities, or they will choose you. I instead choose what I enjoy and is to write. And every time we write, it is a chance at getting better. Take a chance.
  2. Organize for Effort– Ann Lamott says that when writing, we have to frame our minds. We are to listen and observe and open our hearts. These make up the beautiful picture of our writings. Also, to organize for effort, create a couple of writing goals. One goal is to write in the same place at a particular time every day for about 15-20 minutes. This habit will help ignite your mental fire. The last thing to boost your effort is to read. It helps builds a repertoire of words and ideas for you to write.
  3. Share your Writing– Every one of us likes a good show and tell. If we didn’t, social media would be so popular. Sharing your writing connects you with others. There are people out there waiting to read what you have written, and they are waiting for inspiration. So go ahead, free someone else! You are an artist! And a way to improve your craft is to share your writing. If you wrote something last year or this week, go ahead and share it here in the comments or on social media and hashtag Ignited Pens.

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